Norden til Bergen, project during B-Open 2018
21st of April, 2018

Thanks to everyone that joined us at Isotop for the presentation of the work!

the work is a Norden til Bergen-project, presented under B-Open 2018. It is a collaborative project led by TASC Ablett & Brafield, who invited Robert Demeter (a painter), Ole Martin Meland (a dancer and choreographer), Mathias Stoltenberg (a dancer) and me to work together. The presentation on Saturday was focused on the process of the whole project, and made use of documentation of our meetings in various forms.

Photo credit: Kristin Austreid

Torn Tracks performance for ‘ToBeContinued’
24th of March, 2018

Thanks to everyone that joined me & listened to the performance at BEK and online! And thanks to ToBeContinued for inviting me in this great line up of artists all over the world!
The tracks I performed are up on the Torn Tracks website soon.

Photo credit: Marieke Verbiesen

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