You And I Share Different Rhythms

Collaboration with Kristine Marie Aasvang

Open Studios 1

From our shared interest in art, music, sound and everything around, this collaboration emerged quite naturally. And when the annual presentation of the first year Master students from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design came up, taking place as an Open Studios event, we chose to use this as an opportunity to try out a form of presenting the collaboration.

Taking field recordings of city sounds as a starting point and mixing them live, we tried to create an intimate experience for the visitors. When entering the studio space where we were working during the Open Studios, people could sit down opposite of us at the table that we worked on and put on one of the two headphones on the table. What they would hear then, was what we were mixing and working on at that exact moment. It was almost like creating private concerts for each and one of the people sitting down and listening.

We decided not to choose a certain rhythm, system or something else to control the way we would work on forehand and so in a way we let our surroundings, the moment and the coming and going of the public all influence the mixing. And of course listening to each other was really important in this process as well; trying to hear what the other person is doing, listening to the rhythms and sounds that are there, how they differ from each other or how they are the same and most importantly: how they can merge, creating something new.

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Open Studios at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design