Tiden bretter seg

Tiden bretter seg (2024)
Audio work in the exhibition Theia by Marie Nerland
5 tracks of 6 min. each, played in a set order throughout the exhibition’s opening hours

– Dawn at Nøklevann 1, Oslo (5th of May 2024)
– Dawn at Nøklevann 2, Oslo (5th of May 2024)
– Middle of the day, Langeboschemeer, Wildervank (16th of May 2024)
– Dusk by Langeboschemeer, Wildervank (20th of July 2021)
– Dusk by Mantingerveld, Mantinge (20th of July 2021)

The work plays alternately with Theia, a sound work by Nerland, with silence in between.

> Excerpt of the sound work coming soon <