Tutorial series / 3 Tutorials on microphones for Nuts and Bolts
/ 2022

Tutorial 1 - What is a microphone?

This summer, I’ve made a series of 3 tutorials on microphones for the platform Nuts and Bolts. In these videos I will explain what a microphone is, how they work, look at important microphone specifications and dive into some more experimental types of microphones.

Episode 1: This first episode looks at what a microphone is and its similarities to and differences from human hearing. We’ll look at 4 main categories of microphones that exist (condenser, dynamic, ribbon and contact microphones), in addition to pickups, and how these mics work.

Episode 2: This second episode focuses on a selection of important microphone specifications, including: directivity and polar patterns, frequency response, phantom power, sensitivity, impedance and self-noise. What do these specifications mean and how do they influence what kind of recording you get? And we’ll look at a concrete example of 2 different mics and how this shows itself in their specifications and how they sound.

Episode 3: In this 3rd and last tutorial of the series we meet artist Signe Lidén to look at her work with experimental microphones, how these work, and we’ll take one of her microphones out for a spin! To see more of Signe’s work, please visit her website.

Nuts and Bolts logo

Nuts and Bolts aims to promote and facilitate decentralized and experimental discourses and activities in the field of music technology. They projects include tutorials, podcasts, workshops and panel conversations. You can visit their website here.
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Residency / With Mathias Loose at the Bergen Centre for Electronic Art
/ Aug 2022

Mathias Loose and I had a 2-week residency at Bergen Centre for Electronic Art in august, where we investigated field recordings and its relation to place and memory, as well as generative and interactive audio systems. At the end of the 2-week period, we had a performance based on our residency, during the BEK sommer party.

New work / Disobedient Buildings
/ Open:
12-28 Nov 2021 – Van Etten, Oslo

Torn Tracks website

On the 12th of November, the exhibition Disobedient Buildings opened at Van Etten. Here, I’m showing a series of new site-specific sound works, that I was invited to make by the research project Disobedient Buildings and Van Etten Gallery.

The Disobedient Buildings research is a multi-sited project about housing, welfare and wellbeing based at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Oxford. Launched in January 2020, the project employs a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and visual practitioners to study the impact of neo-liberal reforms over the past three decades on the everyday lived experiences of inhabitants of aging tower blocks in different European welfare states: the UK, Romania and Norway. In Oslo, this research is focused on the apartment blocks on Enerhaugen and their inhabitants.

To make my new works, I was given access to some of the material collected at Enerhaugen in Oslo, one of the research sites. With this as a starting point, I spend time in this neighborhood, recorded, did my own research, investigated the high rise buildings and eventually made a series of new sound works accompanied by a booklet. The sound works are presented on the Torn Tracks website, on a newly created view that allows the public to investigates the works and sounds through a kind of audio-map.

Van Etten Gallery is a non profit gallery space in Oslo, Norway, dedicated to contemporary art, and run by Katja van Etten Jarem and Øyvind Sørfjordmo.

The project is supported by the Municipality of Oslo, and the Norwegian Arts Council. 

Disobedient Buildings - booklet