The work

Collaborative project led by TASC Ablett & Brafield
With Robert Demeter, Ole Martin Meland, Mathias Stoltenberg and Jiska Huizing

The work is a Norden til Bergen-project, presented under B-Open 2018. It is a collaborative project led by TASC Ablett & Brafield, who invited Robert Demeter (a painter), Ole Martin Meland (a dancer and choreographer), Mathias Stoltenberg (a dancer) and Jiska Huizing (sound artist) to work together.

The project gives the art work the form of an abstract charismatic object that moves between artists; each artist works on the same piece of work for a period of time, through their own medium, and then communicates it onto the next artist, from visual to sound to dance. Each time we met the work was communicated through the artist expression.
The work went on a circular journey through each individual artist twice and resulted in an end presentation on the 21st of April 2018. This presentation was focused on the process of the whole project, and made use of documentation of our meetings in various forms.