leporello #1

Edition of 50
14 x 279 cm (folded: 14 x 9 cm)
Unique print on each side
Available for purchase from the artist
400,- NOK / €45,- exc. shipping costs

leporello #1 is the first finished work in this series. It is filled with drawings made between June and December 2016, both in Bergen and in Oslo. All of the drawn plants are found along the road – they represent multiple walks, in several places at various times, which are layered and mixed together on this long stretch of paper. The form of the leporello and the experience of going through it relates to the walks and searching that precede the work. The perspective is constantly changing, from plant to plant, from page to page, and in the form of the leporello and the possibilities this form gives. From flipping through it like a book, to putting different pages next to each other or unfold it into a standing object. Each of the books and boxes is handmade with care and numbered.