Torn Tracks

A view of the Torn Tracks website, showing a type of field guide to the tracksTorn Tracks website: Field Guide view

The project’s platform:

Torn Tracks is a project in constant flux, based on a growing, ever-changing collection of tracks. These tracks do not have one final, fixed form – they can exist in various forms at the same time, be it one made in the studio, played live or a field recording. And the possibility of them being re-recorded, remade, replaced or taken away over time is never excluded. The tracks are made from sounds recorded from the my immediate surroundings (both more and less subtle, foreground and background sounds), sometimes combined with sounds of my voice and/or electric violin. They form a collection of fragments that are brought together in various ways on the project’s website, creating new connections.

By structuring the tracks in different ways on this website, changing which tracks show up and how, various contexts are created and consequently various options for how they can be heard and perceived. This emphasizes the relativity of every single one of them, and of the archive as a whole. What happens, for example, if the tracks are organized chronological, based on their pitch, or in a way that is similar to a bird guide? How does it sound when you make an ‘average’ based on all the versions of a track?

Torn Tracks websiteTorn Tracks website: Sketch Maps view

Torn Tracks website view: ChronologyTorn Tracks website: Chronology view

Someone walking around the Enerhaugen neighborhood, with the Torn Tracks: Enerhaugen work on a tabletTorn Tracks: Enerhaugen: site-sensitive sound works and an artist book made around the Enerhaugen neighborhood in Oslo (2021) // Photo: Tor Simen Ulstein

3 Torn Tracks artist booksTorn Tracks artist books: 3 artist books made between 2019-2023

Huizing doing a Torn Tracks performance at Kunstgarasjen in Bergen (2019)Torn Tracks performance for Vestlandsutstillingen at Kunstgarasjen, Bergen, 2019

Torn Tracks performance at Hildelund Konstfestival, 2018 // Photo: Ase Brunborg Lie

Launch Torn Tracks website at Visningsrommet USF, 2017

Torn Tracks is supported by:
Bergen Municipality
Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond