Torn Tracks: Ongoing

Decennial Dialogues // New artist book
Oct 2023 –  Minerva, Groningen (NL)

On the 13th of October, the group exhibition Decennial Dialogues opened at the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen (NL), which included the Torn Tracks project with a new artist book, made for this specific context and occasion.

In 2023, it was 10 years ago that the Bacherlor class of 2013, which I was part of, graduated from Minerva. Artists and organizers Laura Bolscher and Ferdi Speelman have taken this as an opportunity to reconnect with 30 alumni and hear about where they are now, how their practice has developed and how they look back on their time at Minerva. These stories have been collected in a publication and additionally, the research was presented in an exhibition showcasing recent work by 10 alumni: Decennial Dialogues.

Torn Tracks was shown on a table that contained two tablets showing the project’s website, the new artist book, which people could take home with them. The table had a transparent top, underneath with the new artist book was displayed as well as the two artist books previously made within this project.

Torn Tracks artist book displayed in viewing table in the Decennial Dialogues exhibition. Torn Tracks shown in the Decennial Dialogues exhibition in the Koepelzaal at Academy Minerva.

Because this exhibition’s focus was on the last 10 years, and the Torn Tracks project originated almost 8 years ago, the artist book made for Decennial Dialogues collects materials from different phases of the Torn Tracks project, and it’s structure builds on a selected work from my bachelor.

You can see a quick video-flip through of Torn Tracks: Ongoing underneath:

Artists in the exhibition
Harry Markusse, Marjet Zwaans, Jiska Huizing, Aebele Trijsburg, Antonia Rhenen, Jelte van Lente, Jimi Kleinbruinink, Jellie Klaster, Iris Leenknegt, Hector Raphaela

Alumni in the publication
Harry Markusse, Christiana van Lammeren, Guust Persoon, Jellie Klaster, Jildau Kooistra, Jiska Huizing, Marjet Zwaans, Irene Veltman, Lotte Middendorp, Aebele Trijsburg, Hector Raphaela, Manon Maring, Janneke Welfing-van der Velde, Bas Leegstra, Jelte van Lente, Roel Hooghiem, Iris Leenknegt, Kim Kenyon, Tjeerd Bosma, Max van Londen , Suzanne Vellema, Rolf Doderlein de Win, Anne van Stormbroek, Minke Koopman, Ria Neleman, Tijmen van Dijk, Antonia Rehnen, Jimi Kleinbruinink, Laura Bolscher en Ferdi Speelman

Cover of the Decennial Dialogues bookIndex of the Decennial Dialogues book

2ndFloor exhibition
As part of the decennial dialogue, stichting 2ndFloor showed the works of 10 young artists from Minerva Art Academy that they have selected based on the alumni’s work. 2ndFloor aims to provide young artists with opportunities to showcase their works by organizing short pop-up exhibitions in different locations.

Young artists in the 2ndFloor exhibition
Song Dang Votwd, Shiva Miryektah, Liz de Vries, Emily Kümmeler, Marta Calero Segura, Huba Hönigh, Kat Keienburg. Rowiet Kerver, Nerea Nogales, Nazhifah Aisy and Arta Irbe